Siddharameshwar College of Education, Kalyan Nagar. Dharwad - 580007.

Theme of the year: Be a loving-joyful presence in the world

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School Profile

School Profile

A brief view of the beginning.

Education and the power that motivate a generation is surely one the most formidable pillars that our society is built on” Standing tall and stately, St. Joseph’s Canossian Convent School is filled with the chatter and laughter of kids of all ages. Today St. Joseph’s has come a long way, but St. Magdalene’s dream of addressing the needs of the down trodden have always remained the center piece of our educational system.

The focus of education is not just academic excellence, but grooming the students to face the tough competition that awaits them in the outside world. As such the school is the nurturing ground where the talents and abilities of the students are honed to the maximum. The student body comprising of classes from I to X are divided into four houses.Each house represent a colour which has great significance and though the student are extremely passionate about their house colours , school has always comes first. A lesson of Unity in Diversity well taught at an early age.

To develop a sense of responsibility and leadership, the school has a mini parliament with a cabinet lead by the democratically elected Prime Minister and her council of ministers. Accountability and transparency are the pillars on which the cabinet functions and there are opposition leaders to see that all activities are conducted as per the rules of the school. The cabinet is the extended hands especially of the staff and they reach out where ever and whenever the need arises.

The school lays special emphasis on cultural activities and throughout the year, various Inter House competitions are organized, which not only bring out the creativity and hidden talents, but create camaraderie and healthy competition among students. With a view to the need of respecting all faiths and building stronger characters, focus is laid on moral education in the school. The students are also given an opportunity to conduct the school assembly, which is a source of value and confidence building.

Games and physical education are an important part of the curriculum, with students participating in various competitions at state and national level and performing excellently. Many of our students have kept the banner of St Joseph’s flying high with their sterling performances at various levels. Through the year, the school is a beehive of activities and the crowning glory is “The Passing Out Parade” of the S.S.L.C girls. It is a magnificent and spectacular display of march past, colour, song and dance with the brass school band in attendance.

The school band is the pride and joy of our school.The school choir also adds grace and melody at every occasion. In keeping with the need of harmonious growth of body and mind , we have the N.C.C, girl guides and bulbuls. No matter the leaps and bounds made in the fields of information technology, the school firmly believes that there is no substitute for reading good books and a well equipped library is provided for those who thirst for knowledge and pleasure.

Our school has forged a head and is keeping pace with the rest of the world. It has imbibed the past, related it with the present, so as to be able to reap a rich harvest for a better tomorrow.

St. Joseph’s Motto

‘God helps those who help themselves’. It simply translates “work as if everything depends on you and pray as if everything depends on the Almighty”.

The school emblem

A lily with letters M.D displayed below means Mater Dolores in Latin or Mother of Sorrows. A lily has special significance, as St. Magdalene firmly believed that girls should imbibe all qualities of a lily gentle and beautiful.